Annecy International Animation Film Festival
Swiss Poya
With Gobelins, L'école de l'image
POYA : Traditional Swiss paper cut out art style that tells the story of Swiss alpine Shepards who accompany their cows to the mountain pastures for the season. 
 Visual Development: Rachel Shin , Kyung in Kim
Character Design : Kyung in Kim, Hassan Yola, Mrunal Khairnar
Background Paint: Rachel Shin, Kyung in Kim 
Prop Design : Bokang Koatja
Compositing : Rachel Shin , Bokang Koatja
Animation: Mrunal Khairnar, Neeraj Bhattacharjee, Sarah Robbes, Hassan Yola, Bokang Koatja 
Style Frames
Color Script
Style Explorations
Poya Collage Exploration 
Background Paint 
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